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Finding Accounting Services in Your Area

What is the best way to find accounting services in your area? Whenever I look for any service, there are certain processes I go through. Though services may vary, many of the strategies I use to find different ones are pretty much identical. The best thing you can do when seeking accounting services in your area is to do your homework. Do some research so that you know what your options are inside the scope of what exactly you want and at what price you... [Continue Reading]

Four Symptoms Your Small Business Accounting System Doesn't Work

Every year about this time, I see too many accounting systems that don’t work… QuickBooks and PeachTree and Microsoft Small Business Accounting programs that don’t do what their small business users want or need. Sometimes, people know their accounting systems don’t work. And they don’t care. But, sadly, sometimes, the struggling small business person doesn’t even know his or her system isn’t working until it’s too late. Until the business... [Continue Reading]

Business Accounting and The Importance of Keeping Good Books

There has probably been no great accountant turned entrepreneur then Capitalist then Rockefeller who used his accounting skills to take over the entire Oil Industry back in the day. He kept immaculate books and started out as a promising young accountant. When he noticed competitors he would often ask them to join him and show him his books and costs. Why they were simply blown away and they knew they could not compete with his low costs and so they... [Continue Reading]

Standard Cost Accounting in Determining the Estimate Versus Actual

Cost accounting in manufacturing answers the simple question: “Am I making money on this job, and if not then why not?”. Cost accounting is a bridge between financial and management accounting and is a technique used to address the demands of both. It is a systematic application that takes all events in the supply chain and translates them into financial values for analyses by various people both inside and outside the company operations. The most... [Continue Reading]

Accounting Positions

When most people think of accounting, what comes to mind is usually basic information that's not particularly interesting or beneficial. But there's a lot more to accounting than just the basics. Computers have changed the way accountants and auditors do their job. Accountants can use special software packages to do transactions in basic formats for financial records. Using software they can organize data in financial analysis. This greatly reduces the... [Continue Reading]

Generally Accepted Accounting Principals - A Primer

Accountants are the keepers of the standards. They are the ones who make sure that when we look at a financial statement, we can be reasonably that it was built using sound accounting practices and that it is comparable to other audited financial statements for other companies. That sounds like a daunting task, but never fear. The accounting professional is in business to help you through all this. The accounting profession is self-regulated. They decide... [Continue Reading]

Control Your Accounting and Bookkeeping Costs

WHY HIRE AN ACCOUNT ASSISTANT? When you first started your business, you probably did your own accounting; and that worked out fine. You were short on spendable capital and doing most of the necessary chores yourself was the only way to get started. But eventually, you got to a point where you really needed to concentrate on the income-producing aspects of your business and hire others to tend to the details. Recognizing when this point occurs is the... [Continue Reading]

Forensic Accounting - Be a Financial Detective

Forensic accounting is one of the newly identified types of accounting jobs available. A forensic accountant is either an internal or external auditor who is brought in to investigate a case of fraud, bankruptcy or other legal conflict. He or she audits the situation and comes to a conclusion regarding the wrong doings and amount of loss involved. The auditor composes a report, which is often used as evidence in a court case. The forensic accountant may... [Continue Reading]

Accounting Outsourcing Services Can Increase Your Profit Margin

Accounting outsourcing services plays an important role in the world of finance and accounting. Today there is intense competition in the market and so to survive in the business you need some good strategies. Business owners are under tremendous pressure to cut costs of their finance and accounting department and so to increase the productivity, improving profitability and creating strategic value to it. Today there is enough demand in the market for the... [Continue Reading]